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KEY STAGE 4 & 5 

14 -18 year-olds

We will be launching workshops for Key Stage 4 & 5 in the coming months. These workshops will help those taking GCSE and A level courses, or those wishing to extend their learning. 

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"With the support and enthusiasm of these three amazing teachers, I was able to develop not only my artistic skills, but also my passion for art. I owe my A* in GCSE Art and A in A-Level Photography to all their help. 
Ms McTaggart is a rare teacher who was genuinely enthusiastic about seeing me grow as an artist and person. Ms Eng’s enjoyment in teaching and art is contagious. And Miss Grundon is always willing to sit down with students to help brainstorm ideas and be a cheerleader. 
Together, with their commitment to their students and love for creativity, they make an artistic dream team. I am so excited for future students to share the same incredible experience I did!"

Maryam, Former student





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