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The Art Shed is a learning space rooted in making art for the sake of art; our own art- school in the virtual sky, but based on the ethos we cultivated in the Art department where we all met in 2014. Each one of us are Artist Educators who have taught in both the state and private sectors, and recognise the importance of facilitating creativity in all children from a young age. Although we no longer work or live in the same place, we share the desire to provide young people with meaningful art education that transcends the restrictions of an Art & Design curriculum within schools. In the current absence of a physical space and at a time where self-expression is more important than ever, we have begun our art sanctuary online, and are now providing lessons or tutorials for every key stage.

Cai Jia at work with students2 (School O

“It doesn’t feel like being in school. They are interacting with the real world, which is what art is about. This work has been made by students really engaging with their hands, but also their minds and hearts and spirits. It is a privilege.”

Visiting examiner, June 2019

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