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We are artists and teachers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but all share a creative ethos and drive which has led to us setting up ‘The Art Shed’ today. We hope you enjoy our workshops.


" I feel very lucky to have been taught by Cai Jia, Fiona and Jemma. They are incredible painters/ illustrators/ thinkers/ multi-media experts/ mentors, and I strongly believe I have got to where I am today because of the love of art and design they inspired in me.

They pushed me to achieve my best and understood the way I worked on such a close level. No idea was ever too big or crazy for them. They have given me the skills and confidence that have grounded all my design work since leaving school. Their friendly and engaging personalities are infectious and inspire such immense creativity."

Sophie, former A-Level Art student,

now working in the Creative Industries.


Image: Detail of Sophie's GCSE artwork

Sophie CWK Final.jpg


The Art Shed is a learning space rooted in making art for the sake of art; our own art- school in the virtual sky, but based on the ethos we cultivated in the Art department where we all met in 2014. Each one of us are Artist Educators who have taught in both the state and private sectors, and recognise the importance of facilitating creativity in all children from a young age. Although we no longer work or live in the same place, we share the desire to provide young people with meaningful art education that transcends the restrictions of an Art & Design curriculum within schools. In the current absence of a physical space and at a time where self-expression is more important than ever, we have begun our art sanctuary online, and are now providing lessons or tutorials for every key stage.

Our vision for the Art Shed is to provide opportunities for young people of all ages to engage in artistic practice and in so doing, open new doors to creative experience and understanding of the world they occupy. We believe that studying Art is an intellectual pursuit and we have high expectations for our students to engage in meaningful art practice which explores aesthetics, culture, emotion, spirituality and controversy. We recognise that contemporary art is multi- disciplinary and therefore from a young age expose our students to a diverse range of art practices, from drawing and painting to print and sculpture, dressmaking to fine art textiles, design and digital manipulation, photography and film. Our workshops are easy to follow, and when followed sequentially, reveal new methods and concepts for invested art practice facilitating a more meaningful artistic journey.

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